How it started: Snoop Dogg approved

Snoop Dogg himself knew that flipstik was a product to behold when he stopped the whole show to feature it. In the only way that the OG himself could, Snoop Dogg raved about flipstik as a product that had world-changing potential and got Akeem his own moment in the glorious pop-culture spotlight! flipstik literally stole the show.

How it went: flipstik was born

After catching the attention of Snoop Dogg and Diddy, Akeem didn’t waste a second with his forward momentum and snagged a spot on Shark Tank. Don’t let anyone tell you that rap won’t get you anywhere in life - because that’s exactly what got Akeem his deal! He rapped his way onto the set and showed the sharks his spunky personality which lead to his ultimate success on the show.

How it’s going: This is just the beginning

Not long after his appearance on Shark Tank, Akeem released flipstik to the masses on with plans to distribute it everywhere you can buy an accessory for your phone! Akeem and the whole team know this is only the start of flipstik freeing hands all over the world.

Video production has never been this easy

No more shaky dance videos…starting now. Stick your phone to a flat surface and let those moves fly.

Comfortably Viewing Your Favorite Shows Has Never Been Easier

No more “Tech-Neck”. Stop staring down at your phone on flights. Stick it to the back of the headrest in front of you.

The solution to all of your hands-full woes

Zoom calls on the go have never been more frequent. Take care of business with flipstik’s cutting-edge adhesive.

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“I love this! I use it when navigating in my car. I can use it to stick my phone to the console of the treadmill at the gym for my workout. After I bought the first one, I bought two more for when the "sticky" finally runs out. Best phone accessory ever!”

Sharon H