Give Your Phone a Hand.

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Your third arm for selfies and videos.

You no longer have to bring clunky filming equipment or prop your phone up everywhere you go just to get that perfect photo or video. flipstik can handle it.

How it works

Where will you stick it?

Flip it, Stick it, Post it

Capture that kickflip without needing a film crew

Film your flexing without fumbling with your phone

Capture your TikToks and Reels solo

Stick and Stir

Flip it, Stick it, Binge it

Watch Nyjah’s newest skate videos wherever you are

Peloton or lift wherever

Binge’in Hands-Free

As essential an ingredient as adding garlic

There wasn’t a hands-free solution out there. So we made one.

Our founder, Akeem, created a simple & stylish device using NASA technology that'll attach itself to any flat smooth surface, like a mirror, window, or desk, all without leaving any marks!

Our Story
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“I love this! I use it when navigating in my car. I can use it to stick my phone to the console of the treadmill at the gym for my workout. After I bought the first one, I bought two more for when the "sticky" finally runs out. Best phone accessory ever!”

Sharon H