How Do I Install My Flipstik?

To install your Flipstik, make sure the back of your phone is clean and dry before peeling off the protective film and attaching the 3M adhesive firmly to your device. 

What Can I Stick My Flipstik To?

Flipstik can stick to any flat surface including, but not limited to glass, mirrors, walls, leather, brick, metal, wood, hard plastics, car dashes, and more.

To stick your Flipstik to a surface, make sure it’s clean and dry before pressing firmly on the surface you’d like to stick it to. The harder you press, the longer it will stick. When you want to remove your Flipstik from the surface, simply twist it.

What Can’t I Stick My Flipstik To?

The top of the Flipstik has a synthetic setae adhesive. This adhesive doesn’t pair well with wet surfaces, surfaces that have a curve to them, porous surfaces, and certain silicone surfaces. You should also use caution when sticking Flipstik to drywall that has been painted.

How Do I Clean My Flipstik?

Cleaning your Flipstik is important for proper care and maintenance. You can clean it by using alcohol wipes (recommended) or you can use mild soap and water. Begin by taking your alcohol wipe and rubbing it in a circulation motion on the blue setae adhesive until there is no debris left. 

Once your Flipstik is clean, you’ll want to wait at least five minutes for it to dry before using it again - wet Flipstik’s don’t stick well to surfaces. And you may notice that after you clean your Flipstik that it leaves behind a residue after sticking to certain surfaces. This residue can easily be cleaned by taking a damp cloth and wiping it from the surface.

How Do I Use My Flipstik as a Kickstand?

Aside from being a kick-ass hand-free tool for content creators, Flipstik also doubles as a kickstand. All you need to do is flip open the lid at a 90-degree angle and set it down on a flat surface.

How Long Will My Flipstik Last?

Our synthetic setae adhesive (that’s the blue adhesive on the front) can last for up to 1000 sticks! When your Flipstik starts to lose its stick, you can simply clean it with an alcohol pad or soap and water.

How Do I Remove Flipstik From My Phone?

Removing your Flipstik is a breeze. Gently slide the lid of your Flipstik off the hinges and use it to pry the 3M adhesive off the back of your phone.

There’s Some Residue On My Phone, How Do I Get It Off?

Depending on your phone or case, you may notice that when you take Flipstik off your phone, there’s a small amount of residue left on the surface. This is normal - Our adhesive is really strong! To remove this residue, you can simply apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the surface and wipe it clean.

I Have a Wireless Charger, Can I Still Use Flipstik?

In general, Flipstik does not interfere with wireless charging. However, there are some cases where it might. For example, If you have a very thick case, or if your wireless charger doesn’t have a long receiving range, you may experience issues.

My Hinge Came Apart, Can You Send a Replacement?

Sometimes this happens, and when it does, it can appear as if your Flipstik is broken. But it’s not. Flipstik comes in three pieces and the lid of is meant to be interchangeable. So if your lid came off the hinges, or if your hinge came off the bottom, all you need to do is gently slide it back on.

Help! My Flipstik Is Defective.

If your Flipstik is damaged or defective, please send us a picture to hello@getflipstik.com, so we can assist you accordingly.