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From Snoop Dogg to Soccer Moms, everyone loves Flipstik! Have you found yourself constantly using your flipstik and telling friends about it? Don't you think you should be rewarded? We do. Get Started with as few as 10,000 Followers. Accepting ALL applications for a limited time.


" Let me see the Sticky Phone"
-Snoop Dogg

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How It Works

20% OFF for life

As a FBA your lifetime discount applies to all of your orders for life! Plus you'll also get exclusive access to product releases and special promotions  

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After you apply you'll get access to your ambassador dashboard where you'll find your discount link and code. You get paid weekly via paypal for any sales you send our way!

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Share your custom discount link or code with your followers and they'll get 20% off their orders, and you'll earn 20% on every order!


*For a limited time we are considering ALL applications even if you don't meet minimus*


  • 10,000+ Followers on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook OR
  • 5,000+ monthly visitors on your blog
  • You LOVE using your Flipstik
  • You create creative, unique content to promote Flipstik
I'm ready to Defy Gravity!

The newest invention “Flipstik” is what I use to set my phone up when I’m making videos!👍#flipstik #cameronfromwalmart #foryou

♬ original sound - cameronfromwalmart_
Alright! I get it. Let's Go!

How can I get started?

Becoming a Flipstik Brand Ambassador (FBA) is simple.


1. Click Apply

2. Post unique content using Flipstik on your social media

(tag @getflipstik for a #repost)

3. Get paid weekly + see your reach and revenue on the live FBA Dashboard

Check out @cameronfromwalmart_'s Post on TikTok. He made BANK from this simple post: