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Common Questions

Does Flipstik work on any surface?

Flipstik can be used on any flat and clean surface — including glass, plastic, brick, tiles, metal, leather, wood, and more. For maximum grip always ensure the surface is flat and completely free from dirt & dust.

How long does a Flipstik last?

1000’s of sticks! Just clean with soap & water or alcohol wipes when it starts to get dirty. Flipstik's synthetic setae material is reusable and washable so if it's not sticky just clean it! Flipstik will last the average user a year or longer.

How strong is Flipstik?

Flipstik’s reusable “Synthetic Setae” adhesive was developed from NASA research based on the feet of geckos and can hold up to 2 lbs.

What if my Flipstik gets dirty?

Clean your Flipstik with soap and water or an alcohol wipe. Flipstik's synthetic setae material is reusable and washable, so if it's not sticky, clean it!

Will Flipstik work with my phone?

Flipstik can be applied to any phone. If Flipstik fits, then it sticks! Flipstik easily attaches to the back of your phone or phone cover. Flipstik does not stick to silicone cases.