flipstik FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

We have tested our synthetic setae to last for over 1,000+ sticks. When it gets dirty and starts to lose its stick you simply wash it off with warm water, or warm water and a gentle soap such as Dawn, and it springs back to life again!

Flipsitk is not a permanent adhesive. We recomend using it for only a short period, such as taking a selfie or watching a youtube video. 

That being said we have test flipstik to hold a phone for over 24 hours.

We recommend only using flipstik for lightweight devices under .5 lbs (ie smartphone). We recommend using 2 flipstik for any tablet sized device. 

We have stress test flipstik to hold 4lbs for 60+ seconds

Yes! Our trademarked synthetic setae is on both sides of the flipstik so you can easily remove it from your phone at anytime!

Yes! flipstik works on these devices unlike some accessories *cough* popsocket *cough* however it does effect the quality of the adhesian to the phone, so we include an adapter free if you check the box that says “no case + glass back” However the adapter is not required.

Haha, yes it does! We actually get this question alot. Check out our kickstarter video below and this review by CKid on youtube