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How One Inventor Rapped His Way Onto Shark Tank With Flipstik Invention

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St. Louis, MO, October 27, 2020 -​

November 6th at 8/7c Akeem Shannon & his company: “Flipstik” will appear on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

From rapping about his company, Flipstik, for Diddy and Snoop Dogg to rapping for the Sharks, Everyone will soon be chanting “FLIPSTIK IS THE BRAND; IF YOU ALREADY HEARD ABOUT IT RAISE YOUR HAND!”

Flipstik was developed and designed by Akeem Shannon, who grew up near Ferguson, MO. Their namesake product “The Flipstik” is a customizable kickstand that attaches to your phone cover and allows you to stick your phone to nearly any flat surface for hands-free use by utilizing their trademarked “Synthetic Setae” adhesive! Plus it’s reusable and washable 1000s of times! This enables hands-free selfies, zoom conferences, hands-free Youtube or Netflix viewing on planes and trains, and hands-free GPS use while in any vehicle. Akeem created his reusable “Synthetic Setae” adhesive from NASA research, based on the feet of geckos! It holds up to 2 lbs and can be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol pads.

Akeem studied Chemical Engineering at Howard University. Upon losing his scholarship, he was forced to go back home where he built a successful career in corporate America. Approximately three years ago he left corporate America and within a few weeks came up with the idea for the Flipstik after a late-night call with his uncle, an engineer at NASA.


The road to Akeem’s appearance to Shark Tank was not an easy one. Hoping to increase brand recognition, He wanted to pitch his invention at Sean "Diddy" Combs' REVOLT Summit Atlanta last August. However, the competition was closed so he instead wrote a rap, about Flipstik, to compete in the REVOLT Rap Competition. The judges loved Akeem's performance and gave him high scores to get him on the stage. This was a big one for him. Later, DC Young Fly pulled him on stage during the comedy show to pitch the Flipstik. And as a result, Akeem was introduced to Combs Enterprises' COO. Combs Enterprises made orders in the thousands for Flipstiks and invited Akeem to pitch his business at Revolt Summit LA. On stage one night, would be Snoop Dogg who went crazy when he saw a Flipstik with his face. 


Check out our website To learn more about our founder and get your “Watch Party” invitation to Flipstik’s National TV debut! 

This is just the beginning for Flipstik so be sure to follow Flipstik on social media @getflipstik and tune into ABC on Friday November 6th at 8/7c to see if Akeem survived the Tank!


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