Stick Your Phone to (Nearly) Any Surface

  • ✅Hands-free selfies & content creation
  • ✅Hands-free binge-watching on commutes
  • ✅Hands-free video calls and multi-tasking

Don't Take Our Word Alone 😎

Flipstik Pro

Must-have for serious creators. Replace a tripod & selfie stick. Durable metal. Finger loop. 180° rotation.

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Flipstik Grip

For the casual creator and content consumer. Thin & lightweight. Finger loop for security.

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Flipstik 3.0

The original Flipstik. Thin & lightweight. For the casual creator & video watcher. Many colors.

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MagStik Upgrade

Make any Flipstik MagSafe compatible! Easy on & off. Add full 360° rotation to your device.

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Get flipstik. Become



Sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite shows & movies without holding your phone (and avoid the "Tech-Neck")

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Solo Selfies Made Easy

No more asking strangers to snap a pic. No more embarrassing selfie-sticks.

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Content Recording

Capture your TikToks and Reels solo... you never know when inspiration strikes!

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Hard to Get Shots

Stick & stir for tasty, impressive angle. An ingredient as essential as garlic for the best shots.

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Video Calls

FaceTime with a friend while multi-tasking or take a video call while "working" remote.

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Navigating Adventures

Better than your copilot (Flipstik won't fall asleep). Just stick it on your dash.

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Entertaining the Kids

Easily and quickly distract kids with a show or game... wherever you are.

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That sh*t is gonna change the world.

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give me one of them things for my phone


There wasn’t a hands-free solution out there. So we made one.

Our founder, Akeem, created a simple & stylish device using NASA technology that'll attach itself to any flat smooth surface, like a mirror, window, or desk, all without leaving any marks!

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