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I'm going down down baby your street in a Range Rover

What is a Flipstik™ ?

Flipstik® is the phone accessory that lets you Defy Gravity. Using it's patented Synthetic Seate® adhesive it can stick to nearly any flat surface and It has a built-in kickstand. Now you can take amazing selfies and watch videos hands-free!

Any Phone? Any Surface?

Flipstik works on most phones, tablets, and cases! And works for thousands of sticks! Flipstik will stick to your mirror, glass, metal, car dash, wood, concrete, brick, leather and more! Flipstik will not stick to wet, curved, fabric or rubber surfaces.

But How Long Will It Stay Sticky?

1000’s of sticks! Just clean with soap & water or alcohol wipes when it starts to get dirty. Flipstik's synthetic setae material is reusable and washable so if it's not sticky just clean it! Flipstik will last the average user a year or longer.