African Elephant

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From the wilds of Africa, now on the back fo your iPhone…. (or your “cooler than an iPhone” : Samsung, LG, Xiaomi… you get the gist

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Our trademarked Synthetic Setae adhesive is based on the incredible feet of geckos, which have billions of microscopic hairs called setae, that allow them to defy gravity. Due to its biological inspiration, it is reusable 1000+ times and leaves no residue. You should only use flipstik on clean surfaces.

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 3 × .2 × 3 in

10 reviews for African Elephant

  1. Neva

    better than my pop

  2. Carmelita

    Really really good

  3. Ludivina

  4. Carey


  5. Geoffrey

  6. Haley


  7. Mark

    I love this product

  8. Caleb

    So I really didn’t think this would work. But I got it on kickstarter and it’s lit AF!!!! Been using for a few weeks washed it and it still sticks like brand new

  9. Viki

    Way better than popsocket

  10. Olivia

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