10 Reasons People Are Going Crazy Over This New Phone Accessory

Whether you're a content creator, a remote worker, or just someone who loves their phone, Flipstik is the game-changing accessory you didn't know you needed. Here's why.

Written by Emma Gold

Phone Accessories Specialist

1. Go Hands-free, Everywhere:

Stick your phone to almost any surface.

Perfect for capturing content, watching videos, or video calls... without holding your device.


2. Instantly Look Better on Camera

Get the perfect angle in your videos calls and remote meetings so you always look your best. Pictured: Flipstik Pro.


3. Your Hands-free Co-Pilot:

Small, compact, and convenient. Perfect for any adventure or commute.

Just stick to the dash and hit the road.


4. The Perfect Angle... Every Time

Going viral's just one video away.

Ditch the tripods
and capture content effortlessly, from time-lapses to live streams and everything in between.


5. Ready in 3, 2, 1

Set up your Flipstik in seconds and easily take it off as needed (requires MagStik for iPhone 12+). Every Flipstik is MagSafe-ready with the MagStik addon (recommended for iPhone 12+).

Try all the different Flipstiks or colors!  Shop now.


6. Stick it anywhere... 😉

Put it anywhere you want. Seriously. 😇


7. Instant  Kickstand or Wall Mount:

From binge-watching your favorite series, video-calling with family or friends, to hosting a webinar -- Flipstik has you covered.

Get the most angles with the Pro's sturdy and adjustable hinge tech!


8. Easily Clean and Reuse:

Just wipe the blue part to make it sticky again. Reuse thousands of times!


9. Boost Your Creativity:

Unlock hard-to-get shots and explore unique angles and perspectives, pushing your content's boundaries.


10. Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Whether it's content creation, watching makeup tutorials on the fly, remote work, or daily phone use... Flipstik gives you an edge.


In Summary:

Flipstik isn't just for creators; it's for everyone in this digital age. Enhance your phone experience and embrace the future with Flipstik.

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