Raise money for your School, Organization, Church or Non-Profit.

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The most important thing to us at flipstik is making the world a better more fair place. But It’s not lost on us that we make an accessory for the back of your phone lol. So we created flip fund to help amazing organizations raise money. There are three ways to raise money with flipstik:

1 | Order Sheets

This is the fastest and cheapest way to raise money with flipstik.

Upfront Cost:  $0

Minimum Order Quantity: 6

Profit Per flipstik Sold:  $7.50

Cost Per flipstik: $7.50

Lead Time: 1-2 Days


  •  Print out the flipstik order form and begin collecting orders.
  • You can sell any style of flipstik to raise money.
  • Show off the available styles on your phone by visiting: go.getflipstik.com/styles
  • You can request to start raising funds with flipstik using the form bellow.

Approval: You only need to provide a mission statement and web presence to be approved.

2 | Custom flipstik

Spread your organizations message with custom branded flipstik.

Upfront Cost:  $500+

Minimum Order Quantity: 100

Profit Per flipstik Sold:  Indefinite

Cost Per flipstik: $5 and up  (based on volume)

Lead Time: 2-4 Weeks


  •  Design your own flipstik and packaging or work with the flipstik design team help create something amazing.
  • You can give away or sell your custom flipstik however you choose.
  • Learn about customization and branding benefits of flipstik by visiting: go.getflipstik.com/brand

Approval: You must be a 5013c Non-Profit or Educational Institution to be approved.

3 | Hosted by flipstik

Let flipstik raise money for you on our site with your branded flipstik.

Upfront Cost:  $1000 (refunded)

Minimum Order Quantity: N/A

Profit Per flipstik Sold:  50% of Profits.

Cost Per flipstik: N/A

Lead Time: 3-5 Weeks


  • Work with the flipstik Design team to create one of more flipstik to represent your Organization
  • Flipstik host your fundraiser on our site, social media, and advertising channels. Plus feature you on our home page.
  • You are refunded your Upfront cost as your raise money with flipstik.

Approval: You must be a 5013c Non-Profit or Educational Institution with a large online, regional or national presence. All qualified applicants may not be approved due to high number of request.

" We ended up raising $1,432 in a little over 2 weeks for the Gay Straight Alliance at our College. Thanks flipstik! "
Carl L.
Student, Sheldon College